Weights and measures

Because weightlifting is an international sport, the metric system is used. Weight is measured in kilograms and measurements are done in millimeters or meters. One kilogram equals 2.2046 pounds.

The Platform

The competition platform measures 4 meters by 4 meters (13 feet by 13 feet). It is made of wood and may be covered with a non-slippery material.

The Bar

The bar weighs 20 kilograms, is 2200 milimeters long and 28 milimeters in diameter. The bar for women weighs 15 kilograms, is 2010 milimeters long and 25 milimeters in diameter.

The Plates

The discs or bumper plates are covered with rubber. Bumper plates are red (25 kg), blue (20 kg), yellow (15 kg) and white (10 kg). Discs lighter than 10 kg may be made purely of metal.

The Collars

Collars secure the weights on the bar. Each collar weighs 2.5 kg. The bar must be loaded with the largest discs toward the middle of the bar and the lighter discs in descending order toward the outside.

The Costume

A one piece lifting suit shall be worn by all lifters. It cannot cover the elbows or knees, and it is usually made of lycra material.

The Shoes

Low or high topped shoes may be used. The mid-soles are made out of wood or rubber, and the uppers out of leather or suede.

The Belt

A lifter may use a weightlifting belt. It may not exceed 120 millimeters, or 4.5 inches, in width.

Bandages and Wraps

Bandages and wraps are allowed though strict limits are places on the width. They may be 300 millimeters (12 inches) at the knees and 100 millimeters (4 inches) at the wrists.


Chalk may be applied to hands and on the thighs if desired in an unlimited quantity.


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The Snatch

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The Clean

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