The Sport of Weightlifting

The mission of the Nevada Barbell Club Weightlifting Program is to teach and practice safe technique in developing athletes. The program provides student engagement with a non-judgemental adult (Coach) and the opportunity for positive feed-back in every training session. There is No Charge to belong to Nevada Barbell Club.

The objective of the weightlifting program is to develop explosive power, flexibility and balance. Strength is improved using exercises for each muscle group. Focus on the central nervous system develops synchronisation between muscle groups to improve force production and coordination.

One benefit of the weightlifting program is the improvement of the students self image. Weightlifting helps develop the ability to focus. Success in the program will increase the confidence of the athlete.

Other benefits of weightlifting are an increase in muscle mass and a reduction in body fat. Greater muscle mass increases the resting metabolism. More muscle burns more calories. After a few weeks of training the student will begin to have an improved body image.

An important benefit of weightlifting is a reduced risk of injury through the development of denser bones and stronger connective tissue. The athlete can use weightlifting as an activity to improve for a sport that places stress on joints.

Both young men and young women are encouraged to participate in weight training. There is no gender inequity in the sport of weightlifting.

In the Weightlifting Program all the athletes share a mutual respect and the comraderie common to the sport of Weightlifting.

The goal of the weightlifting program is the development of a more confidant athlete with a positive self-image to help them through adolescence.


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The Snatch

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The Clean

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