American Iron Gym

650 South Rock Blvd


Nevada Barbell Club trains at American Iron Gym in Reno. The gym is located east of the airport at 650 South Rock Blvd. The club is owned and run by Bob Lopes, Tammy Lopes and Tony Laforges, who are supportive of our sport. They are knowledgeable and active in the iron game.

The weightlifting program is dedicated to developing power and athleticism by learning and practicing the proper techniques of the sport of weightlifting. The program provides student engagement with a non-judgemental coach and the opportunity for positive feed-back in every training session.

The students will be able to get a head start for their sport by developing balance, power and quickness. By working with appropriate weights they will develop a little more muscle and burn a little fat.


Nevada Barbell Club

Phone 849-1613


The Snatch

  [Snatch - Elwood Bluzinskovich]


The Clean

and Jerk

  [Clean and Jerk - Elwood Bluzinskovich]