The sport of weightlifting is made up of more than athletes, coaches and referees. Friends of Weightlifting are the loaders, scorers, announcers and expeditors who make the competition a special event. They share in the comaradery of the sport and the success of every athlete.

Our club encourages members of the local community to partitipate in the our events. We recognize that not everyone supporting our sport wishes to compete. Friends of Weightlifting provides an opportunity for people with special skills to use them in promoting the sport we love. To our volunteers we offer our thanks, our friendship and a commerative t-shirt.

Each contest requires two loaders. These individuals are usually young, strong and athletic. They are seated on either side of the competition platform and put the plates on the barbell as directed by the announcer. After each lift they insure that the collars on the bar are tight.

Each contest requires two scorers. The scorers are individuals who accurately record the weight requested by the athlete and the results of their attempts. They assist the announcer by keeping the score cards in order by the weight requested. At the end of the session they calculate the totals of the athletes to determine gold, silver and bronze.

The announcer conveys information to the audience and to the competitors. The name of the lifter, their club and the weight being attempted are given for each attempt. Additionally, the name of the on deck lifter (following the lifter on the platform) and the lifter in the hole (following the on deck lifter) are announced. After an attempt the result is communicated to the audience and the lifters in the warm-up area. Announcers require an in depth knowledge of the sport.

Referees judge the athletes attempt to be a good lift (white light) or a lift that does not pass (red light). They insure that there are no infractions of the rules. Referees are required to have an in depth knowledge of the sport.

Many talented people across the country contribute to the success of weightlifting. Friends of Weightlifting can contribute to this success at the grass roots level.


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