Weightlifting is a sport that can change you both physically and mentally. Each training session provides the opportunity to experience success. With intelligent training, proper diet and rest the lifter will improve physically. With each challenge the lifter's mental toughness increases. With success the lifter becomes more confident. With failure, and there are those days, humility and a sense of humor are developed.

Each athlete is unique. There is no training camp approach to cull the group for survivors. Each athlete takes success to whatever level their ability and desire allow, for however long they choose to pursue their dream. The athlete makes the decision.

The weightlifter is subject to both the force of gravity and the law that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Learning correct lifting technique is of vital importance. Correctly using a compilcated system of levers (the bones and joints), power sources (the muscles) and a complex communications system (the nervous system) in the most efficient manner is the goal.

The coaches are also your training partners. They take their turn with the barbell and face the same challenges. They watch and provide feedback for each attempt the athlete makes. The athlete provides feedback for the attemps of the coaches. Both learn and improve.

Our club welcomes those who may be interested in learning about our sport. As animations are made up of frames, we break each lift into phases. As the athlete becomes proficient with each phase of the lifts, they are combined into one fluid movement. Assistance exercises are also performed to help the athlete improve on any weaknesses.

We will teach you how to perform the snatch and the clean and jerk. You may represent our club at competitions or you may use weightlifting to improve your performance in another sport.


Nevada Barbell Club

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