General Rules for All Lifts

The technique known as "hooking" is permitted. It consists of covering the last joint of the thumb with the other fingers of the same hand at the moment of gripping the bar.

In both lifts, the referees must count as "No lift" any unfinished attempt in which the bar has reached the height of the knees.

After the referees signal to lower the barbell, the lifter must lower it in front of the body. The grip on the bar must only be released when it has passed the level of the shoulders.

An athlete, who, for any reason, cannot fully extend the elbow(s), must report/display this fact to all on-duty Referees as well as the Jury prior to the start of each lift. This is the sole responsibility of the athlete.

When snatching or cleaning in the squat style, the athlete may assist their recovery by swinging or rocking their body while in the squat position.

The use of chalk (magnesium carbonate) is permitted.

The use of grease, oil, water, talcum or any other lubricant(s) on the athletes thighs is forbidden. An athlete who uses forbidden lubricant(s) is orgered to remove it immediately. If during removal the clock is running for that athlete, the clock remains running.

Incorrect Movements and Positions for All Lifts

Pulling from the hang.

Touching the platform with any part of the body other than the feet.

Uneven or incomplete extension of the arms at the finish of the lift.

Pause during the extension of the arms.

Finishing with a press-out.

Bending and extending the arms during the recovery.

Leaving the platform during the execution of the lift, i.e. touching the area outside the platform with any part of the body.

Replacing the bar on the platform before the referees signal.

Dropping the bar after the referees signal (front or behind).

Failing to finish with the feet and the barbell in line and parallel to the plane of the trunk.

Failing to replace the complete barbell on the platform, i.e. the complete barbell must first touch the platform.

Incorrect movements for the Snatch

Pause during the lifting of the bar.

Touching the head of the lifter with the bar when finishing the lift.

Incorrect movements for the Clean

Placing the bar on the chest before turning the elbows.

Touching the thighs or the knees with the elbows or the upper arms.

Incorrect movements for the Jerk

Any apparent effort of jerking which is not completed. This includes lowering the body or bending the knees.

Any deliberate oscilation of the barbell to gain advantage. The athlete and the barbell have to become motionless before starting the jerk.


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The Snatch

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The Clean

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